Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Has Your Week Been?

How has your week been?

Looking back over the past few days, it’s incredible to think about the positive impact of:
  • A kind word from a co-worker in a holiday card
  • Hearing from someone I hadn’t talked to in several years
  • Talking with someone who is genuinely hopeful about 2009
  • Someone I love providing moral support
  • Eating a home-cooked meal
  • Having a mentor and friend who really understands what’s going on
  • Receiving a thank you email from someone who has taught me so much

All of these have helped make this a wonderful week, and I’m humbled to be the beneficiary of all of them.

Think about it. Any of us could do these same things for others.

So here’s the bigger question -

How has the week been for those around you?

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