Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is a day of hope for so many in our country.

We’ve been through difficult times in the past few years and so any significant change, someone with a new perspective and new words, can create this sense of hopefulness. And for many reasons, there is validity to that hope, since groups in genuine need that have been ignored by the outgoing administration will likely get more attention and concern.

Just as God would want us to take care of our brothers and sisters.

The challenge is that under the new administration, other groups will now move out of favor; groups that can’t stand up for themselves and be represented. These groups, often those at the beginning and end of life, will now be under even greater attack.

Just as God would not want us to do to our brothers and sisters.

It’s simply unfortunate that under our political system, we’ve cultivated an environment where it’s nearly impossible to find a candidate in either major party that clearly represents positions that stand up for protecting and bettering all people. As such, we’re left picking and choosing among greater and lesser degrees of evil when we vote.

I’m excited by today’s hopefulness and would love to see the sentiment and prospects of our country turn around. Maybe the best way to accomplish that now is to turn to prayer for the protection and betterment of all our brothers and sisters in the face of campaign rhetoric and political belief systems that don’t support such a view.

I’m hoping that’s what God wants us to do.

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