Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of Lent. This is a time for, among other things, more intense prayer. In light of that, here's a creativity prayer I wrote last year. Invest a few moments today to ask for a potentially new source of help for your creativity to enliven and inspire others.


Thank you for creation itself and the incredible gifts and talents you so generously entrust to me. May I appreciate and develop these talents, always recognizing that they come from you and remain yours.

Guide me in using them for the benefit of everyone that I touch, so that they may be more aware of your creative presence and develop the creativity entrusted to them for the good of others.

Help me also to use your talents to bring a creative spark and new possibilities to your world, living out my call to be an integral part of your creative force. Amen.

Copyright 2008, Mike Brown

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Pre-Lenten Reflection

It's been most of the month with no posts. That wasn't intentional; just reflects a lot of things going on right now.

Lent starts on Wednesday, so it's a time to think about what's keeping me from getting closer to God. It's challenging that a lot of the factors standing in the way of writing here during February are the same ones I wrestle with as we enter Lent.

Specifically, spending more time on Twitter to reach a wider audience is one of the things to work through and resolve in the next few days.

As I do that, here are a few ideas I first shared on Twitter that are relevant for Aligning Your Life's Work:
  • I watched Fr. Mitch Pacwa recently. One of his messages was that you can't separate your spiritual life from how you conduct yourself in all other aspects of your life.
  • Do you perform at a stronger level when you boss is around? Don't. You should be performing at that level all the time.
  • Are you deliberately looking for and sharing good news with the people you work with? Maybe you should!
  • Being kind and spreading hopefulness are both talents. Use these talents today!
Let's pray for each other to have a truly profound Lenten season.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009