Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Write About It, and Then It Happens!

The day after last week’s post about faith and trusting God’s hand in your life, I was running late for a flight, and got out of my normal routine going through security (i.e., a routine that gives me a sense of control).

After grabbing a sandwich, I stopped just short of the gate area at the end of the concourse (#1) to stuff it in my backpack and noticed my computer was missing. Panicked, I started running down the long concourse at full speed to get back to security, thinking I’d forgotten to pick it up since it was the last item through x-ray.

As I neared the airport chapel off to my right (#2), it dawned on me that I’d stopped after security in a different place and re-sorted all of my things, placing the computer on a ledge in front of an airport restaurant. Changing direction toward the restaurant (#3), the computer was amazingly still sitting on the ledge in full view exactly where it was left.

God was watching out for me – no big surprise! At least I realized right then that it was while I was passing the chapel that the computer’s location popped back in my memory!


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