Thursday, May 15, 2008

Promises, Promises

With this new blog, I promise to:

  1. Not post every day.
  2. Post at least once a week.
  3. Be more spiritually oriented than in my other blogs.

There may be other promises to make, but that's a solid foundation.

This blog will based on material relevant to my "Aligning Your Life's Work" presentation.

It conveys the message that trying to get to "balance" in life is futile (at least it was for me); instead, it's better to figure out what is truly (read: eternally) important and devote yourself to aligning your life toward those things. Not a new concept, but one that's been tremendously powerful for me, as I've learned to surrender more of what "I want" and do more of what God wants to direct me to do.

Thanks for reading and being willing to check back on an irregular basis. To that end, I encourage you to sign up for the email feed in the upper left corner of the blog!



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Anonymous said...

I like it!